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Cavapoo is a mixed breed dog a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds.
Outgoing, playful, and curious, these pups inherit some of the best traits from both of their parents.

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We’ve been breeding Cavapoo since the 1960s, producing generations of puppies with good health and good temperaments and they are HDB approved.

All of our puppies come with free health checks, vaccination, microchip and are ready to go to their new homes at 9 weeks old.

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When you think of a Cavapoo, you probably think of a cute, fluffy puppy.

And that’s true.

But if you want a pet that will stay small, is playful, and is tolerant of your kids, a Cavapoo is a great choice.

When you first see a Cavapoo puppy, you might think it’s just a small poodle.

But there are actually a few differences between these two breeds.

Cavapoo puppies are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

That’s why they look like small poodles as puppies, but as they grow older, they usually take on the appearance and behavior of the parent breed the dog most resembles.

If you are looking for Cavapoo puppies for sale, read on. 

Cavapoo puppy for sale



Breed Information

Height: 23 – 36 cm
Weight (male) : 5-9 KG
Weight (female): 4-8 KG
Life Expectancy: 10-15 years
Group: Not Applicable




Tolerate Being Alone
Affectionate with Family
Easy to Train
Kid friendly

Cavapoo is a cross between a purebred Cava-Poo and a purebred Poodle.

The result of breeding the two together is a cute, cheerful, affectionate, and intelligent dog that is perfect for small families.

There coats can be a variety of colors, including cream, fawn, chocolate, gold, chestnut, and white.

They can sometimes be solid colors, but often they are chestnut and white, or they can even be tri-colored.

Cavapoo usually have short, soft, and wavy or curly coats.

They require weekly brushing; although, they are somewhat less prone to shedding, which is why some allergy sufferers do well with them.

And loves everyone in the family and generally enjoys romping around with kids. That said, they are small and can be injured by children who play aggressively.

It is an ideal pet for a family with children, and it is considered to be a good watchdog.


As an owner of a Cavapoo, you want to groom them properly to avoid them getting too matted.

If you groom them too much, you will reduce their lifespan, and if you do not groom them enough, you will not look after them.

Helping your Cavapoo to look their best is not as much work as you think.

Grooming your Cavapoo can be done with a few simple steps: you need to remember to constantly brush your Cavapoo to keep their coat under control, brush before and after a bath, make sure you check the ears, give your pooch a pedicure, and remember to wipe the eyes.

They can become quite the fluffballs, though, and require regular grooming.

Because of their Poodle parent, they are somewhat less prone to shedding, which is why some allergy sufferers do well with Cavapoo.

Brushing out your Cavapoo’s coat once a week should help keep it in healthy condition.

You will need to bathe your Cavapoo every few weeks unless their antics mean that you need to do it more often.


Cavapoo has boomed in popularity because they have such an amicable and winning personality.

They’re outgoing, playful, and affectionate in nature.

The Cavapoo is not a dog that tolerates being alone very much, and they could experience separation anxiety if not properly socialized and trained.

They are an intelligent breed and lives for your validation and praise.

This makes Cavapoo fairly easy to train, as they are eager to please.

Cavapoo can be athletic too, which makes them great when it comes to agility and obedience competitions.

They could turn to destructive behaviors, like chewing furniture and shoes or rooting through the garbage, when they are left alone and tend to get along with everyone and may even greet an intruder with a wag of their tail.

If you are looking for a guard dog, a Cavapoo isn’t a good choice.

Cavapoo tend to thrive most in homes where they get loads of attention, be it with a family or a senior


Cavapoo temperament is friendly and playful.

They are well-known for their kind, affectionate, sensitive, and placid temperament that makes them perfect for therapy.

Cavapoo are usually very affectionate and gentle.

They are very good with children and make a great family pet.

Cavapoo get along well with other pets and do well in multi-pet households.

They tend to get along well with other dogs and even smaller pets such as cats.

Cavapoo are adaptable and can adjust to a wide variety of environments.

This breed is mild-mannered and gentle.

This puppy is playful, but not overly rambunctious.

They will bark when they hear any unfamiliar noise, but are rarely aggressive and are naturally submissive.

This breed will do well with children as long as they have been taught to treat the dog with respect.

This puppy will get along well with other dogs, but may not be too fond of cats.


As a mix between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents, you can expect Cavapoo to be small to medium, depending on the size of the Poodle parent.

Most weigh in at nine to 25 pounds and range in height from nine to 14 inches at the shoulder. That said, many can be smaller or larger.

Cavapoo is a relatively new breed, there are few standards when it comes to size.

Their height is 9-14 inches and a weight between 12 to 25 pounds.

Cavapoo have round faces, floppy ears, and endearing large eyes, which make their appearance very sweet.

Some of them look more like Poodles, while others inherit many physical features from Cavalier Spaniel.


Cavapoo are known for their affectionate nature, and love being surrounded by people.

But if left on their own for long periods of time, Cavapoo can suffer from separation anxiety.

They may develop separation anxiety when left alone without their family.

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and the Cavapoo love for their family makes them no exception.

That’s one part of owning a Cavapoo is that they require a lot of upkeep.

If your Cavapoo howls and barks for hours after you leave, marks the territory and literally destroys large pieces of furniture in your absence, this may be the true anxiety.

You will see it in your Cavapoo it’s real, desperate panic.

All Cavapoo will generally prefer their owner nearby at all times, but not all have real separation anxiety.

Why You Should Get A Corgi


The Cavapoo breed is predisposed to some of the same conditions that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle also face.

While most are generally healthy, some may be prone to a few health issues, which is why it is important to maintain good care and regular veterinary checkups.

If you do not drive, you can easily get a pet taxi for your trips to the vets 

Spaying is proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer and uterine infections, and neutering similarly prevents testicular cancer if you want to prevent these major Cavapoo killers, neutering and spaying is a sure-fire way because neutering your male Cavapoo will also ensure that he is on his best behavior at all times.

Cavapoo should have all its adult’s teeth around 8 months old, adult teeth consist of 42 teeth whereas the first set of baby teeth only have 28 and the teething process happens twice in a dog’s life, the first starting at around 3 weeks old.

Age and lifestyle have an effect on how much sleep your Cavapoo needs and most dogs require between 9-14 hours of sleep a day, although puppies on average need 18-20 hours in order to recharge their energy, ready for another day.

If your Cavapoo suffers from diarrhea the first and perhaps most effective treatment is to feed a bland diet for a few days then you should begin by feeding them small portions of boiled white rice and if this goes down well, you can add a small amount of boiled chicken into the next meal.

Normally a Cavapoo is bright and active when handled might suddenly become quiet and nonreactive if they’re feeling sick and suddenly becomes more vocal, with increased whining or whimpering, he may be trying to let you know that something is wrong.

Bathe your Cavapoo with a specific flea shampoo then groom your Cavapoo frequently with a flea comb by washing everything (your dog’s bed, blanket and, cushions) on a hot cycle of around 60 degrees do not hang out to dry to make sure you tumble dry on a hot setting, use a household flea spray and vacuum everything in your house including carpets, floors, and furniture and lastly, regular cleaning is essential to prevent a reoccurrence of a flea issue.

When you go to the vet for the first time, they’ll check that your Cavapoo puppy is up to date on all vaccinations some vaccines will be required for all dogs, such as distemper, canine parvovirus-2, and rabies your Cavapoo may need additional vaccinations depending on where you live, so make sure you ask your vet about any vaccines that they may be missing.

Pets need more than their basic needs of food, water and warmth. They need protection and services. If you are planning to bring home a puppy, you should consider getting pet insurance to prepare for the unexpected


Cavapoo dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, and designer breeders in Australia started intentionally mixing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles in the late 1990s.

Breeders wanted to mix the outgoing and calmer nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence of a Poodle.

Since Poodles tend to shed less, they were also selected in an effort to create a mixed breed for allergy sufferers.

The Cavapoo is a mix between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This is another cross-breed that is gaining popularity with dog owners and is great for people who are looking for a cute puppy that won’t shed much.

The Cavapoo has a longer muzzle than a poodle and has a silky and smooth coat that can vary in colors from wheaten, black, to brown.

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Cavapoo require a moderate amount of exercise, making them the perfect breed for a variety of owners.

To keep the breed healthy, it is recommended to give them one walk a day.

Although a Cavapoo is a small breed, they still require daily purposeful exercise.

Most would be content with 30-45 minutes of exercise each day this can be a combination of indoor or backyard play or walks outside or take them for a swimming session.

Cavapoo puppies should have multiple shorter periods of activity experts often suggest using the rule-of-thumb of 5 minutes for every month of age up to two times per day for a 4-month-old puppy, 20 minutes of exercise twice each day would be sufficient, 3 Months Old = 15 Minutes (Twice a day), 6 Months Old = 30 Minutes (Twice a day), 9 Months Old = 45 Minutes (Twice a day).

Toys to get your Cavapoo active is a puppy toy pack, ball launcher, and tug-o-war Tug.

Here are 10 fun things that you can do with your cavapoo



Cavapoos are intelligent and curious dogs who learn quickly and are highly trainable.

Housetraining, socialization, and eventually, a wide range of tricks can be successfully taught to this eager-to-please breed.

The key thing is getting these commands across early and often.

Sessions should be short, fun, and incorporate play into the mix with lots of praise and rewards offered up as he achieves his milestones.

You’ll be amazed at what your Cavapoo can do if you put in the time while they are young.

So don’t waste those precious months while you have them.

Potty training your Cavapoo puppy is one of the first obstacles people think of when their puppy comes home some puppies pick it up really quickly while others just need more time, the absolute easiest way to potty train your Cavapoo puppy is to always be in control of where they are and what they are doing this way you will quickly learn the signs of when your puppy needs to go and you can then take them outside before they do it inside the house by doing this you will also have the added benefit of bonding with them and if they start to circle, are restless or sniff the ground then that is a sure sign that they need to go potty immediately rush them outside.

Teaching your Cavapoo to walk with a leash, start by showing your Cavapoo you have a treat let them sniff your hand so they know exactly where the treats are give them the walk command, and then every few steps, reward them with praise and treats for walking with a loose leash.

To avoid your Cavapoo from biting you is with time management when you’re not playing with your them, keep your hands away from his mouth, so he doesn’t get the bad habit of biting you.

To stop your Cavapoo humping, you need to address the behavior while it’s happening call your dog’s name, and say a word like “off” or “stop.” the word “no” is not ideal since it’s used so often in conversation then offer a reward.

Some steps you can take to help prevent your Cavapoo puppy from whining: Ignore the whining behavior, pick the right-size crate, get your puppy comfortable with the crate, make sure to provide plenty of potty breaks, make sure to consider crate placement, and give your puppy plenty of exercises.

Teach your Cavapoo their name is the first thing they will learn you need to wait until your puppy is not looking at you and then say your puppy’s name in a very bright and happy tone as soon as your puppy turns to look at you, mark this with a word to let the puppy know this is good, like “yes” or “good,” and then immediately give your dog a treat.

Teach your puppy to love her crate many puppies will initially react to a crate as if it’s puppy jail, because, in your dog’s eyes, the crate is a hindrance to reaching the fun things she enjoys, like people, toys, play, and freedom it is important to introduce the crate to your puppy as a happening place where she gets good things like attention, play, treats or meals.

For the first couple of weeks, it may be helpful to have your puppy in your bedroom.

Alternatively, you can set up a temporary bed for yourself next to where your puppy sleeps this is so they don’t wake up and feel anxious about being on their own. You may choose to use a crate as an aid to sleep training, make sure your puppy has had their last meal at least an hour before you want to go to bed.

Spend time with your puppy to tire them out so they are ready to sleep through the night without barking to avoid high-energy games right before bed as this will likely excite them, instead, work on some training, or another type of mental enrichment before settling them down with a small chew to help them relax and drift off to sleep.

You may find it easier to let them fall asleep on you and then move them to their bed or crate.

Puppy Separation Anxiety (PSA) is a condition where your puppy displays a fundamental fear of being apart from you. While this may seem like an irrational phobia, it is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Why You Should Get A Corgi


Making sure that your Cavapoo is healthy and happy is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

But the reason why some Cavapoo are healthier than others can seem like a mystery.

What should you be feeding your dog to keep it healthy and happy?

The good news is that, like all dogs, a Cavapoo needs a balanced diet of both protein and carbohydrates, and the best way to get this is by feeding high-quality dog food.

The right ratio of meat-based protein and micronutrients, as well as healthy carbs and fats, will keep your Cavapoo healthy and content.

You can also get your cavapoo a birthday treat by heading down to the nearest dog bakery and get a birthday cake. 

These are energetic dogs, but they don’t need food as nutritionally dense as athletic breeds.

A First-Year Timeline to feed your Cavapoo puppies for the first 6–12 weeks should be fed puppy food, 3–6 months during this period, decrease feedings from four to three a day, 6–12 months begin feeding twice daily and after age 1 feed adult dogs two half-portions a day.

Food Cavapoo should never eat are anything with sweetener xylitol, chocolate, coffee and Caffeine, Onions, Garlic, Raw/Undercooked Meat, eggs, bones, grapes, raisins, salt & salty snack foods, and nuts.

You really got to be mindful of what you feed your dog, as what we humans normally eat may be fatal to the dogs 

Transitioning to new pet food, do so slowly over a period of about 7–10 days, mixing an increasing amount of new food with old food each day: Start with 75% old food mixed with 25% new food for approximately three days then mix 50% old with 50% new for approximately three days.

Once your Cavapoo puppies is six to 12 months old those needs change that’s usually when your puppy is nearing his adult height and can transition to adult food.

To prevent bloating don’t use a raised bowl unless your vet says your dog needs one and Don’t let them run or play a lot right before or after meals.

Children And Other Pets

Since Cavapoo can be on the smaller side, they can get easily hurt by children, especially younger ones.

It is important that any kids in the house know how to safely approach and play with your Cavapoo.

Having said that, the Cavapoo loves everyone and generally enjoys romping around with kids.

When it comes to other pets, Cavapoo can get along with other animals as long as they are introduced in a calm, slow manner.

You can also bring your cavapoo to dog cafe that are dog friendly where your cavapoo can mingle and socialized with other dogs. 

Cavapoo are generally friendly dogs, and they can get along with other dogs and even cats when properly socialized, they do love attention, so if they aren’t the only animal in the house, be sure you can still give your Cavapoo the attention they need.

Most Cavapoo get along just fine with other dogs and cats, so it really comes down to training and socialization.

One of the most common reasons for bringing a new puppy home is the desire to mix it with an existing dog is to bring great joy and excitement to an existing dog and make the older dog very comfortable with the change.