Pet Taxi Services in Singapore With Good Reviews

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Introduction to Pet Taxi Services in Singapore With Good Reviews

As a puppy parent, you want the best for your darling pooch, and you want him to be happy for the rest of his life.

It’s for this reason that puppy adoption should be your first choice.

However, for many reasons like space, financial constraints, allergies from previous pets, the last thing you want is to have your dog suffering from boredom and loneliness when you are at work.

Pet taxis can be a perfect solution to this problem.

They can take your dog to dog parks so he can play with other dogs, or have them accompany him on daily walks, so he gets the exercise he needs.

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, you may want to get a pet taxi.

Pet taxi services in Singapore are a great option for pet owners who want to have their dogs or cats groomed at a salon, but don’t want to have the hassle of taking them there and back.

Instead, the pet can be dropped off at a pet hotel or kennel, and the owner can visit at their convenience.

Pet Taxi services are also useful for people who live in areas that don’t have groomers in the neighborhood, or who don’t have the time to make the trip to a groomer.

As much as we love our dogs, it’s also true that they can be a huge responsibility.

If you’re looking to buy a puppy, you might want to consider getting a pet taxi service that transports pets to and from the vet or groomer.

In Singapore, there are a lot of pet taxi services to choose from so how do you find one that has good reviews?

Pet owners who travel frequently may want to consider getting a pet taxi service for their furry friends.

This type of service transports your pet from one location to another and is made to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

If you’re planning on bringing your pet along when traveling, it is important to find a pet taxi service with a good reputation and high customer satisfaction.

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Sg Pet Taxi by Bambi & Coco

Big group
24/7 on call
Concierge service
Bambi & Coco has been in the industry for about 10 years and is highly recommended by their loyal customers.

Pet owners who are moving cities with their pets can also go to them as they have experience in the whole import/export process.

Rates: S$50-60, 1-way on weekdays, S$60-70 on weekends and public holidays. 1 hour wait time included for 2-way bookings

Concierge: Yes, they can help you bring your pet to the vet or groomer and even bring them on walks!

Max capacity: 7 pax, including pets

Advance booking: 3 days in advance advisable

Emergency booking: Yes, S$70 onwards, 1-way

Sick/old dog: The driver, Lawrence has his way to get big dogs in the car. They would usually prepare a blanket on the seat for sick dogs to keep them comfortable throughout the ride. On top of that, they would play relaxing pet music, which helps to calm them down.

Call: 9766 6765

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Uncle Loo Pet Taxi Singapore

Uncle Loo is quite well-known amongst a lot of pet owners in Singapore.

He has driven a lot of pets around Singapore.

He ensures that they are all safely secured and that after every trip, he ensures that he cleans out the seats.

To book with Uncle Loo, you should be able to let him know what time you require his services, the location, and if you need it one way or two-ways.

One of the most well-known pet taxi drivers in the pet community.

Warm, responsive, and reliable, you can count on him to bring you and your dog to your destination without hiccups.

Rates: Rates not disclosed. Up to 1.5-hour wait time for 2-way bookings

Concierge: No, for safety reasons

Max capacity: 2-3 passengers and as many dogs as the car can comfortably fit.

As they do not have a child seat, babies and toddlers are not allowed

Advance booking: Early booking is recommended

Emergency booking: Yes, but only during working hours

Sick/old dog: The handler has to carry the dog up to the car.

Do inform beforehand if you have any requests

Call: 8653 7778

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Fourkids Family Pet Taxi Singapore

24/7 on call
Package available

When you ask around for pet taxi recommendations, very likely you will hear about Dean of Fourkids Family Pet Taxi.

Her pricing is competitive and she is often praised for her responsiveness and professionalism.

Rates: S$35 1-way. S$50 for bookings between 5pm and 9am and during public holiday eve and public holidays

Regular customers can also purchase a package at S$300/10 trips (to be used from 9am – 5pm daily) or S$400/10 trips (anytime, any day)

Concierge: Family members are encouraged to travel together but on the rare occasions that owners are unable to follow, they would help bring pets to their destinations

Max capacity: 4 passengers and as many dogs as the sedan can fit

Advance booking: No, as long as a slot is available

Emergency booking: Yes, S$50 per trip, 1-way

Sick/old dog: Dean would usually use a canvas cover or a towel, if the owner has one, to help transfer the dog into the car

Call: 9791 8209

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LuckyPetStyle Pet Transport

24/7 on call
Low pricing
Concierge service
With over 90 5-star reviews on Facebook, we don’t have to say much about how LuckyPetStyle‘s customers feel about them.

Rates: S$35 1-way and S$60 2-way. Bookings before 10am or after 6pm will be S$10 extra. Rescuers get S$10 off

Concierge: Yes, they will help you bring your pet to appointments!

Max capacity: 4 pax, including pets for the sedan. Opt for their van if you want to fit another 2 – 4 more dogs!

Advance booking: Bookings can be made anytime but it’s highly advisable that you book one week in advance, especially for weekend trips

Emergency booking: Yes, surcharges may apply

Sick/old dog: They will try their best to accommodate any needs

Call: 9660 1193

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Pet Buddies K9

Concierge service
Besides pet taxi service, Pet Buddies also offers pet walking and sitting services.

Rates: S$45 onwards, 1-way and S$85 onwards, 2-way

Concierge: Yes, they will help you bring your pet to appointments!

Max capacity: 3 passengers on the rear passengers seats and 2 pets in the boot area (3rd row)

Advance booking: Preferably at least 2 – 3 days in advance

Emergency booking: No

Sick/old dog: They have a hammock and big towels to transfer big dogs into the car

Call: 9369 3778

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Bark N Purr

Low pricing
Concierge service
Bark N Purr offers a friendly and responsive service.

Check out their Facebook page for pictures of happy furry customers!

They also offer pet sitting and walking services.

Rates: S$35, 1-way and S$60, 2-way (Rescuers may call for lower rates)

Concierge: Yes, they will help you bring your pet to appointments!

Max capacity: As many as the car can fit. Highest number transported was 10 puppies/dogs and 1 passenger. Maximum crate size is PP50.

Advance booking: No, as long as a slot is available

Emergency booking: Yes, but depends on slot availability or whether other clients are able to shift their booking. No surcharges!

Sick/old dog: Dogs that cannot get into the car can be placed in a dog crate and loaded into the car

Call: 8123 6960

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Wenz Pet Transport

24/7 on call
Low pricing
Lauded for being extremely patient and helpful, you don’t have to worry if you are bringing onboard Wenz Pet Transport an unwell or senior dog.

Rates: S$27 – S$35, 1-way, depending on distance and pickup/drop off point. S$49 – S$65, 2-way with 1-hour wait time.

S$1/additional 15-min wait (capped at S$70 for 2-way trip) and S$2/additional pet (Rescuers and adopters may call for lower rates)

Max capacity: 3 passengers, and as many dogs as the car can fit. Highest number transported was 3 passengers, 3 Goldies, 1 Goldie puppy, and 1 Toy Poodle

Advance booking: Same-day booking possible, as long as there’s an available slot

Emergency booking: Yes, surcharges apply for trips between 9pm – 8am

Sick/old dog: They have hammock, pail, crate, towel, plastic bags available upon advance request

Call: 9004 1142

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Farty Pet Transport

Big group
Low pricing
Concierge service
Customers of Farty Pet Transport can enjoy the comfort of their eight-month-old (as of Jan 2019) van with rear aircon. They also use Virkon, a disinfectant that protects against parvo and distemper and other diseases.

Rates: S$35 for 1 way and S$60 for 2-way

Concierge: Yes, they will help you bring your pet to appointments!

Max capacity: 6 passengers and 6 dogs (please notify in advance)

Advance booking: Preferably 48 hours before trip

Emergency call: Yes, but they seldom do odd hours transport only for truly urgent cases

Sick/old dog: They have a hammock for large dogs that are unable to walk and a wooden plank to slide them up

Call: 9091 8909

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PetMate is the only local on-demand taxi app created just for pets.

According to them, their drivers are either pet owners or have prior experience handling pets.

New drivers also have to fulfill training hours to ensure that they are equipped with dealing with pets.

Rates: Starts from S$28 per trip

Concierge: Yes, you can indicate whether a passenger is joining the trip in the app

Advance booking: Although you can book anytime, it’s recommended to book 1 day in advance.

They operate from 6am to midnight daily.

Do note that 100% of the fare will be charged if you cancel within an hour before pickup.

10% cancellation fee is applicable for cancellation 1 – 6 hours before pickup

Max capacity: 4 pax, including pets

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Just like uberPET but this one is still around! RydePET matches you with drivers who are comfortable with having pets in their cars.

But we have heard of drivers rejecting jobs upon arrival so don’t be surprised when your ride gets cancelled.

Rates: Supposedly 25% higher than RydePOOL.

However, when we tried to book a trip, it was almost twice the price of RydePOOL (Direct).

It can still end up cheaper than other options, so be sure to compare prices.

Concierge: No

Max capacity: 1 passenger and 1 pet

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Grab & Equivalent

GrabPet recently launched, but prior to that, we usually use JustGrab to travel around with Latte.

You can also use similar apps like GOJEK and ComfortDelGro Taxi.

We will simply state in the comment box that we have a dog. But do note that drivers may not be able to see your comment until they accept the job.

If you want to be safe, give them a call once your ride is accepted.

You would have better chances of finding a driver if your dog is in a carrier.

Do note that Grab’s official stance is that we are not allowed to bring pets on non-GrabPet rides such as JustGrab or GrabCar.

Rates: GrabPet’s fares start from S$14.

The higher costs according to Grab are because drivers have undergone pet handling certification and their pets are insured.

To learn more, go to Grab’s website.

Concierge: No
Max capacity: Depends on the chosen car/taxi type

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