Frequently Asked Questions

Just got a new puppy?

Here are some commonly asked questions that will definately help you out with your journey with your new pet.

What to expect in the first 48 hours?

With the change in environment

Some puppies may be car sick and vomit, they also poop during transportation during the way back

Whining when they sleep at night 

They may have no appetite

My puppy does not eat, what should I do ?

When they first arrive at your house

They will definitely feel stress and may lose appetite

If you feed kibbles and chicken but they only eat chicken.

Please do not continue to just give them chicken. because kibbles is very important for their complete nutrition

The next meal you only feed kibbles.

If they don’t eat. keep after 30 mins.

By the next day, they would be hungry and start eating.

My puppy whines at night, what should I do ?

As they are afraid, all alone in a new place.

They will seek your attention for comfort.

You need to make sure that they are fed, have water, and are not in any pain or discomfort.

If so, you have no choice but to let them whine, this will be a phase that you need to go through.

What you can do is to give a worn before clothing so that they can still smell your presence which can help calm your puppy.

What vaccinations are needed ?

When puppies are ready to be brought home, they would have done their 1st and 2nd jabs. 

Depending on the age of puppy you have purchase. 

A total of 4 vaccinations is needed 

1st – week 6
2nd – week 8
3rd – week 12
4th – week 16

You just have to check the vaccination records on whats done and when is the next vaccination required.

When can i start socializing with other dogs / bring for walk?

Its advise to only bring your puppy out after the 3rd vaccination. 

If you need to bring your puppy out before 3rd vaccination, please try to keep it in a carrier or carry the puppy.

What essential items do I need for my puppy?

Food & water bowl 


Toilet training (Pee tray, pee pad / newspaper, pee training spray) 

Toys for chewing (teething) 

Confine area (carrier, cage, playpen) so that they don’t go around chewing on things they are not supposed to when they are not supervised.

What food you can and can't feed your dogs

Almonds: No

Chocolate: No

Cinnamon: No

Garlic: No

Alcohol : No

Avocado : No

Coffee : No

Citrus : No

Ice cream: No

Macadamia nuts: No

Coconut: No

Grapes : No 

Raisins : No

Ham: Yes

Honey: Yes

Bread: Yes

Cashews: Yes

Cheese: Yes (As long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant)

Corn: Yes

Eggs: Yes

Fish: Yes

Milk: Yes (But be cautious. Some dogs are lactose-intolerant )

Peanut butter: Yes

Peanuts: Yes

Pork: Yes

Salmon: Yes

Shrimp: Yes

Tuna: Yes

Turkey: Yes

Yogurt: Yes

How many times to feed a day?

Puppy (below 9 months) – 2-3 times a day 

Adult (9 months or more) – 2 times a day

When should I feed?

There is no specific time. 

To keep it simple, you can feed them as the same time as you eat your meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner time. 

If you are a working professional and not at home during the day you can feed them twice, once in the morning and another in the evening but slight more portion each meal 

Example only (please follow amount base on puppy weight as shown on table on the food packaging) 

3 meals (lesser each meal)


2 meals (more each meal) 


What should I feed?

As puppies may not have an appetite when they feel stressed after a change of environment 

And pet owners may feed tastier food such as treats, only meat (fish, chicken, etc), or even human food. 

Please do not do that. 

Kibbles are very important as they provide your dog with the complete nutrition that your dog needs. 

Meat should only be supplementary on top of kibbles. 

And please control the amount of treats you give them to prevent obesity

How much food to give?

There is a table on food packaging, please reference to that, below is a general guideline. 

This is a general guide 

If you want to add meat 

Meat should only be 20% of the diet 


If you need to feed 80g of food 

Should only add 20g of meat

Can my Puppy be Left alone?

No, during puppy stage. 

They should always be supervised. 

If there is no one to look after them, they have to be confined in a safe area where they are unable to chew on dangerous things such as electric cables or small items where they may choke.

How to brush puppy teeth?

How to clean puppy ears?

How to trim puppy nails ?

How often do you brush teeth ?

How do I correct inappropriate biting?

You can Discourage inappropriate chewing By taking the item away from them and redirect his attention on to a toy or appropriate chew object and parise when he chews on a toy. 

If the dogs still continue to bite, you can considering giving a stern warning by raising your voice saying “NO”

Over time, he will learn what’s okay to chew and whats not.

What kind of prevention should i start my dog on ?

Its always better to prevent then cure. 

Some common health issues that your dog may face are ticks, flea and heart worms 

Here is a list of issues that next guard spectra can prevent 

Can only buy from a vet and cost around $15 – $20 a month

How to toilet train my puppy?

When & how can I start training commands to my puppy ?

When can I sterilise my puppy

They should be at least 6 months old. 

You need to discuss with your vet to have the best time to sterilise your dog. 

How much do puppies sleep ?

They sleep  18 – 20 hours a day 


And gradually get lesser as they get older


So when you just got the puppy home 


Make sure to allow them to have rest time after play with them for 30 mins 


And not over play with them even when you are very excited as you just gotten a new puppy

How often shower my puppy?

If they are not very active, 3 – 4 weeks once. 

If they are active and goes out very frequently 1 – 2 weeks once.

How to shower my puppy ?